Tuesday, 25 May 2010

"Highways" -- progress!

I found I'm having a quite satisfactory progress with my current project. As I've stated in the past, I am working on a new album, which is actually the "definitive" issue of a little collection of blobs of sound I once used to call an "album" named Musics for Highways (sic), back from 2002 or something like that. I'm happy with how it's coming along; right now I'm in the stage of tinkering and recording the instruments, without much worry about mixing. For people who never heard the old songs, it'll be quite a shock to compare these songs with my previous albums.

Maybe by the middle of the year I'll have it done, or at least pretty much done. And I've already got a project on the queue. Things look great.

Last time I talked about this project, I was anxiously waiting for Autechre's Oversteps. Guess what? The album's excellent.