Friday, 14 December 2012

This long delay

So it happened that the whole year of 2012 has went by without a single new composition by me, and the last post in this blog was made 16 months ago. But that doesn't mean that stuff hasn't happened. Stuff did happen, it always does. As for musical stuff, if things run smoothly and nice, 2013 shall be a quite productive year.

For one, there'll be a new album coming out in March. This date is definitive, because the album is already done, and it only hasn't been put out yet for reasons that shall be disclosed when the time is right. And I've also got a fairly big project under production; for now it's entitled Don't Stay in the City, and its current shape is an "album in two parts", with seven tracks in total, and a combined length of about 70 minutes. That one is still a work in progress, and there are no predictions of release dates and so on, but it's gonna be a pretty nice record. I'll probably publish part one as soon as its done, and then move on to finish part two.