Monday, 5 January 2009

"Why don't you write it in your blag?" - xkcd

So, everyone and his mother (except you and your mom) has a blog. No, really. Like, man, really. No, I mean, like, really, like, dude, really. There's nothing special about having a blog anymore, and that should be pretty obvious to everyone already. In a way, this is good, because I can't pretend I'm teh speshul for having a blag to whine and express my opinions in it. It's just another dude, you know! I'm ok with that. Really, it's just fine. I don't need to be the enlightened guy in the Internet, because I'm just not. So... this blag here.

I'm a musician, you see. There's nothing particularly cool about that, though: my music is published only on a few Internet websites, it doesn't play on TV, or on the radio, you won't find my CDs in stores or on Amazon or on iTunes. It's just there, available for absolutely free download and for every sort of enjoyment. So I figured: why not just write about it?
I'll be fair: I REALLY like writing. I'm quite indulgent in it: I write a lot, if I'm able to. I can't control myself. So, this here blag is just a way for me to dump my own thoughts for my own fun and profit and with the added bonus that someone might read it and comment. Isn't that the very point of blogs, duh? So I'm happy with that.
And don't expect much of a focus or a theme: though I love music and love writing music and writing ABOUT music, I make myself free to talk about whatever the hell I feel like talking about here. You can read it or skip it: it's your choice. And I'd like comments: commucation is a wonderful thing. Value it. Treasure it. Use it.

A few things to clear up: "blag" is an intentional misspelling originated on the webcomic xkcd, which you might have heard of already. I'm a big fan of xkcd, without any shame to admit it. One problem I have thought is that I ALWAYS forget the names of the strips, so I can't link you to the actual comic that spawned the "blag" thing, but search the archives and you'll find it -- and you'll also bump into a load of great humour as well.

As for my music, you can download it on Jamendo. You can listen to and download Big Robot, Little Robot, an entirely electronic and instrumental album which is a sort of mishmash of several assorted genres and styles wrapped around a "concept" of sorts. Don't worry: there are no vocals. The link is HERE.

In short: hello!

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