Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Cheap excuse

I'm absolutely loaded with stuff to do recently, and I'm seriously out of time to keep up with the annotated discography for now -- but instead of letting it die painfully, I'm keeping my energies to fully endure and write about The Pod the same way I did with the previous Ween record. I'm not giving up, folks, I'm just burdened. I've even put the work on my album on hold. But it'll end soon, and maybe this weekend I'll keep up with the posting again.

Aside note: Stereolab went "on hiatus" more than two months ago. That sucks. Of course the guys are certainly doing what's best for them, and they souldn't force themselves to keep the band up just because some lousy fans want them to and churn out half-assed albums, but... I feel sort of worried with that "hiatus". I hope they do come back, however long it takes. If they break up, it'll be a shame. Chemical Chords is one of the best records they ever released, and if they have it in them to make another album up to that standard, I want to live to hear it. Either way, Mr. Gane, Miss Sadier, rock on. You've done much, much more for music than one could reasonably demand. I'm honestly a fan of yours and of everyone who contributed to that magnificent legacy.

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