Sunday, 7 August 2011

Eleven Gifts in depth, part 5: g

This is a recent composition, but it was not written for this cycle. For about an year, I've been fiddling with ideas for entirely electronic and abstract albums, and one of them involved making a suite of several very short pieces, or sketches. One day, I caught myself with that descending melody, which sounded pretty endearing to me. I wrote it down, with the intention to make it as a simple synthesizer tune. When I started writing the cycle, though, I remembered I had this tune and noticed it fit in well. It was all a matter for adapting it to piano.

The right hand melody was written for the cycle, though, as well as the whole middle portion. I had the urge to make the melody filled with very large intervals, and the result sounded pretty nice to me. It's the kind of tune that, to me, is just as simple as it should be, and as effective as it could be. I can't think of a single note to change... though there aren't many at all...

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