Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Eleven Gifts in depth, part 8: l

Among the eight compositions, this is the oldest one. The interesting fact is that it has been published before, on an album that I have pulled off because of its extremely subpar quality. It had eight tracks, and one of them was called "Water", and it contained a quite pretty piano melody that I had come across about 11 years ago. Of course, back then, I simply didn't know moderation, and the song carried on and on to nine minutes.

The only thing that truly saddened me about removing that album from the Internet is that the pretty melody would go to waste... but only until this project came to happen. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase the melody in its glorious simplicity. I didn't change anything substantial, so it's essentially the same as it was 10 years ago. Of course, this version is only one minute and a half long, and features solo piano, but it sounds a lot better now. I have always been quite proud of it, and I was happy that it fit so well in the project. It's a calm, peaceful song without being too cheesy.

To me, the stretch of "i", "j" and "l" is the true crowning achievement of this work for me.

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